Friday, June 1, 2012

Drawing Daisy

I found these pictures of a drawing I did a while ago for a friend. I thought I would tell you guys how I made it, since I have some pictures :) sorry there aren't pictures of each step.... I wasn't really planning on doing a tutorial when I drew it. :)

Mechanical pencil with hb lead(I used one for the whole drawing)
9x12 smooth bristol 100 lb paper
reference photo
regular eraser
kneaded eraser
ruler (for making grid)
and of course, my stumpies!
this is my reference picture...
I put a grid on... the squares are 1 inch.

I didn't have to change the size of the squares because the paper was about the same size as the reference picture.
Okay here are the steps I don't have pictures of:
I started with the nose. First the nostrils,  then drawing tiny circles to create the texture of the nose, while avoiding the highlights. (the top of the nose and around each nostril)
Then I did the eyes. Since they are closed, I just had to darken them a little.
Then I started drawing the fur around the nose and eyes in very short strokes, making sure to follow the way it grows in the picture and pressing a bit harder in the darker areas: just above the nose and eyes, and where it looks like the dog has "eyebrows" :)
for the ears, since the hair is longer than on the head, I used longer strokes, (obviously) but I started with the hair on the bottom first (only drawing it in some places), making it darker than the ear is supposed to be. Then I use lighter strokes to draw the hair on top and fill in the rest of the ear. For the little bit of the body in the picture, I just followed the way the fur grows in the picture.
Then I used my small stumpie to blend the whole thing, still following the direction of the fur. then I blended the highlights just enough to make thema bit softer. Then I used my kneaded eraser to make some of the long fur on the ears lighter. Then, after a few more touch ups with the pencil and kneaded eraser, I signed it. :)