Friday, December 28, 2012

Awesome Music!

I just re-discovered some awesome Tenth Avenue North songs :) I love their music!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Duck Analogy

I am doing a book study on Mere Christianity by CS Lewis with a bunch of other homeschooled students at a co-op we go to, and we are doing a project to present at the last class of this year. The project can be pretty much whatever we want, as long as it relates back to the book. My project is... yep, a drawing. :o) Here is the drawing and how it relates to Mere Christianity.

(I like the way the x-ray effect makes the water look :))
One of the things Lewis talks about is the kind of life Jesus and God have, and the kind of life we have. The kind of life Jesus and God have never runs down or decays, and is completely real and everlasting. Lewis calls this kind of life, "Zoe." The kind of life we have is like a shadow or a reflection of Zoe. It has some resemblance, but after a certain amount of time, it runs down. He calls this kind of life, "Bios." Lewis also talks about us being able to become more and more like Christ, the closer we get to him. although we will not be able to become completely perfect and like Christ while we are on earth, we will once we get to heaven.
In my drawing, the reflection is sort of like Bios. It has a resemblance to the real duck, (which symbolizes Zoe) but although it looks somewhat like a real duck, it is not. The calmer the water gets, the more the reflection will resemble the real duck, just as the closer we are to Jesus, the more we will be like him. Now here is the part where this analogy doesn't really work anymore. There is nothing that can actually turn the reflection in the water into a real duck. We, on the other hand, if we get close enough to Christ in this life, can be given Zoe by Jesus. If what we see now is only the bottom half of the picture, (the relfection) than when we get to heaven, it would be like being able to see the top half of the picture, which is the real thing.