Sunday, April 29, 2012

A new family member

On Friday, we went to the pet store to buy some goldfish and Mikinley and Renee were looking at the kittens. well, we bought the fish and then walked out to the van where my mom was waiting with the boys. Mikinley and Renee immediately started talking about how cute the little seven week old kitties were and my mom decided to go in and have a look. She was inside for about ten minutes, which is a pretty long time for my mom, who usually tries to avoid cats, since some of us are allergic to them. When she came out of the store, she wanted to know which one we thought was the cutest. Renee and Mikinley both egerly volunteered to show her, and they all disappeared into the pet store for about half an hour! When they finally came out, Mikinley had in her arms a bag of cat litter and a cat carrier, My mom, a litter box, toys, and some other cat supplies, and Renee, a VERY cute black and white male kitten! We brought everything home and set up the kitties home in the basement, with his food bowls, bed, and toys. Then began the name suggestions. A few names that were suggested were Pepper, which is really more of a girl name, which is why we didn't chose it, Mickey, and Murphy. But what really settled it was when Benjamin saw the seven week, black and white kitty, and while cuddling the little kitten, said in an excited voice, "Hi, Moo!" What a cutie! so Benjamin got almost all of the votes for the name he had picked out. Here are some pictures of our new kitten, Moo :) I will post some better pictures later too, but this is the best I can do with my ipod right now. :)


This is my fourth attempt at drawing Kody... it finally worked!! :D

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Shanti, Lucky, and Zeus

Shanti- is a poodle x shih-tzu, Lucky is a Bichon Frise and Zeus is a St Bernard :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Benji and Leah

Benji is a Greyhound x German Shepherd and Leah is a Greyhound :)

Bible Quizzing

last weekend we had the Bible Quizzing finals.... AND WE WON! :D The Quizzes were really close.... almost tied, it was so exiting! everyone was trying to jump on the last question... and then our team got it!! We had a quoters competition and one on one competitions :) Savannah won second in the one on ones! Yay!! :D here are some pictures and i took a video of the last quiz for one on ones. Savannah and Ashley were competing for first place. :) I will add the video later... i cant do it on my ipod :( and i will arrange the pictures and add captions later too :)
sophie and wynne
me, sophie, and wynne
our team picture :)

Savannah (left) second place for one on ones, and Ashley, first place
randomly drew this on the whiteboard :P
trophy! :D
quoter's competition winners: first place: Katie, second: Mary Ann
Savannah, voted most valuble quizzer :D
top five experienced quizzers

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Here are some drawings i have done since february!


in February we went with Uncle Kris, Aunt Sara, Omi, Uncle Daniel, Auntie Sarah, Lily, Violet, and Rosalee. Here are some poctures! (I will add captions later... cant do it on my ipod)
cutie :)

Daddy and Benjamin

Mikinley and Lily

cute Rosalee :-)

Sebastian and Hudson eating their snacks


this is the line up to go on a giant snow slide! it was really fun! :)

Uncle Kris, Renee, Mikinley, and Aunt Sara