Thursday, April 19, 2012

Bible Quizzing

last weekend we had the Bible Quizzing finals.... AND WE WON! :D The Quizzes were really close.... almost tied, it was so exiting! everyone was trying to jump on the last question... and then our team got it!! We had a quoters competition and one on one competitions :) Savannah won second in the one on ones! Yay!! :D here are some pictures and i took a video of the last quiz for one on ones. Savannah and Ashley were competing for first place. :) I will add the video later... i cant do it on my ipod :( and i will arrange the pictures and add captions later too :)
sophie and wynne
me, sophie, and wynne
our team picture :)

Savannah (left) second place for one on ones, and Ashley, first place
randomly drew this on the whiteboard :P
trophy! :D
quoter's competition winners: first place: Katie, second: Mary Ann
Savannah, voted most valuble quizzer :D
top five experienced quizzers

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