Sunday, February 24, 2013

awkward and awesome

I got this idea from Emma-lee. I needed something to do to get me on the blog more often, and this looked like lots of fun! :) So, here is my first awkward and awesome post!

twisting your ankle and having to hop around on one foot// realizing that the first part of your essay is due in two days and you haven't even started it// camera lens breaking. (not really awkward, but definitely not awesome!)// going through a store when they are playing less than appropriate music and then having it stuck in your head

Florida!//going to Gatorland (I'll post pictures soon!)// going to a candy store with nerd boxes a foot tall ( I'm not exaggerating!)// seeing cute little lizzards in the backyard// listening to TobyMac// double chocolate chip pancakes// seeing three aligators while driving near the water!// drawing the cutest miniature horse ever!!// finding a pin that is exactly like the grape soda pin from the movie Up

This picture is from our last trip to Florida, but I haven't uploaded the pictures from this year yet, so it will have to do...
I think I might start doing a post called Saturday's Sketches (it's the best I could come up with) so hopefully I will be able to post again on Saturday!



  1. I know that miniature horse!? :) great post!

    miss you guys!

  2. haha it's great to hear from you again! Camera lens breaking?? ouch... LOL