Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hi again :) (and awkward and awesome)

I haven't blogged in soooo long :P so I thought I would do an awkward and awesome post. three in a row now :P I should be able to think of a lot since I haven't done this in months though ;)

My dad going to see lecrae without me! :O (act like men conference), my people drawings. when your brother decides who you are going to marry and proceeds to tell your friends... :| getting attacked by a cat who also likes to wake you up by jumping on you and biting your feet... Which kind of falls under attacking. trying to memorize the first four chapters of Romans in two weeks... Yeah probably not going to happen :/ when you want to put a ":)" or a ":P" in an essay. when you answer someone who wasn't talking to you. Happens way too often. Trying to make funny videos when you have no ideas as to what they should be about.

Going to Elim. going to friends houses. Flip flop throwing contests. Lecrae's new album Church clothes 2! Christmas parties. putting up the Christmas tree. Spencer calling me "Meny" :D scrabble, waisting time on Pinterest and Instagram ;) sewing a hoodie. Jamie Grace's new song Fighter. online Christmas shopping. learning how to do cool braids. Learning Tenth Avenue North songs on the piano. Making videos that will hopefully find their way to YouTube :) baking cookies. hot chocolate. Anything chocolate actually. :D christian t shirts. quiz meets!

Here are a couple of pictures, just because I felt like posting them :)

I tried to draw tobymac... TRIED. :P

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